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The parking lot is accessible from the direction of Móricz Zsigmond Square. Passing the building, you will find our gateway on the left. Your room card or the bell at the reception desk will open the big gate, allowing you to enter.



Parkoló megközelítése
Parkolónk bejárata

Airconditioning: All our rooms and halls are air-conditioned. Please keep in mind that upon opening the windows the airconditoner won’t work.

ATM: We don’t have ATMs at the hotel. You can find the nearest ATM at Árkád shopping center

Baby friendly tools and services: Depending on our free capacity we can provide a high chair in our restaurant and a baby bed and bath in the rooms.

Biliard Salon: The biliard salon can be found on the ground floor. You can play biliard, darts and foosball

Blankets: If you need additional blankets please contact the receptionist

Breakfast: From Monday to Saturday breakfast is from 7 am until 10 am. On Saturdays breakfast is from 8 am until 10 pm.

Check-in and check out: Check-in time is from 2pm until 10pm. If you arrive earlier you can put down your suitcases or bags at the reception.

Check-out is until 11am.

Check-out: All guests have to check-out until 11 am. If you want to check out later please inform the receptionist

City map: You can get a map of the city at the reception

Cleaning: Our collegues clean the rooms between 7 am and 3 pm. If you don’t need cleaning in your room please put  the do not disturb sign on the doorknob outside.

Complaints/observations: If you have any kind of complaint or remark during your stay, please inform the receptionist or the superior of the unit in question

Conference rooms: Our hotel has 2 conference rooms, ideal for team building and corporate events. For additional information please contact the following email address:

Currency exchange: In our hotel there is no currency exchange possibility. The closest place you are able to exchange currency is in Árkád. For directions please ask the receptionist

Elevator: There is one elevator in out hotel. Please in case of a fire alarm or any kind of emergency do not use it.

Entrance: Between 10 pm and 7 am the front door is closed. If you want to go out you will have to press the button above the heater between the two doors. If you want to come in you have to touch your roomcard to the card reader outside of the building.

Extra bed: Available in limited quantities

Fire and other emergencies: Please read the Safety Rules and in case of emergency act accordingly. In case of a fire alarm do not use the elevator

Gifts,Souvenirs:You can buy souvenirs related to our hotel at the reception

Hairdryer: - Hairdryer can be requested at the reception.

Half-board: In case of a half-board reservation the dinner will be at our hotel’s restaurant on the ground floor.

Heating/cooling: If you don’t put your roomcard to the little card holder next to your door the heating/cooling won’t work. If the windows are open that could also prevent the heating/cooling from working. During the summer we suggest you keep the temperature in the room maximum 6 celsius cooler than the outside temperature due to health reasons.

Internet Connection: The name and password for the WiFi can be found at the reception

Laundry and ironing: Please ask the receptionist about laundry and ironing possibilities

Lost items: Please ask the receptionist in case of lost items

Maintanance: If you notice something isn’t working please report it at the reception

Opening hours are from 15:00- 23:00. If you have any special dietary needs please tell our colleges in advance.

Parking: Our hotel has its own parking lot our guests. You can ask for direction at the reception. The gate to the parking lot can be opened with your roomcard

Payment methods: You can pay with cash ( only HUF),credit card az hungarian SZÉP card

Pharmacy: For information about the closest pharmacy’s working hours please ask the receptionist

Pillow: In case you need additional pillows please inform the receptionist

Programs: For information about the programs in Pécs please ask the receptionist

Reception: The reception is open from 7 am until 10 pm. In case of emergencies please call the following number: 0630 204 3026

Restaurant: Our restaurant is Fordan Center és Billiárdszalon (on the ground floor).

Roomcard: Upon arrival you will get a roomcard which will open your room. Inside the room there will be a card holder. You have to put the card inside the card holder, otherwise the electricity won’t work.Please remove the card from the card holder if you leave the room.

Safes: Enter the user code on the keypad (3-8 digits), with each press accompanied by a beep and the yellow light flashing. Press the C or E button, after which the green light will illuminate. Turn the handle clockwise and pull it out within 5 seconds to open the door.

Sauna: Our sauna can be found on the first floor. For additional information about the use and the prices please ask the receptionist

Security system: Our hotel is equipped with a video surveillance system

Sewing kit: - The sewing kit is located in the closet in the room, and upon request, we can also provide a sewing kit at the reception for guests.

Sheets: Our colleges will change the sheets every third day.Upon request, it is possible to change the sheets every day or every other day. Please help our hotel operate in an environmentally way and only ask for your sheets to be changed if it is neccessary.

Smoking: Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the hotel. A failure to comply will result in a compensation fee up to 30.000-HUF.In case of a false fire alarm caused by smoking the call-out fee will be devolved to the person responsible for the alarm.

Towels: The towels are replaced every third day. There is a possibility to replace them every day or every other day if you indicate the need by throwing the dirty towels on the floor. Please help us protect the environment an only throw the towels to the floor if their replacement is really needed

Transportation/directions: For information about the different transportation methods and direction please go to the receptionist

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