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Event Venue

Ideal location of corporate and private events

Whether it is a corporate event, a family gathering or a party with friends, let us be your host and offer a venue that will definitely tick all the boxes.

Either you opt for our hotel’s conference room on the top floor or pick the isolated banquet hall of Fordan Center, you will end up making a great decision. Whilst the former accommodates up to 20 people and offers the right technical equipment, the latter is capable of hosting even 80 guests and has an elegant, loft-style design. Birthdays, graduation, weddings, social gatherings, you name it, no need to look any further, we offer the perfect venue for all.

Should you need more than just a venue, no worries, we have  expertise in preparing a complete menu and offering catering services during coffee breaks, as well as a vast experience in event planning or decoration arrangements. So just sit back and relax, we are committed to your success.  

Our services

Conference room



  • Free WiFi

  • DSS sound system

  • Projector

  • LCD TV

  • Pulp

  • Air conditioning

  • Safe

  • Flip-Chart board

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