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Cultural programmes and Sights in the City of Pécs

Both the City and the region offer various programmes and sights that are definitely worth seeing and experiencing.

We have gathered the most interesting historical and natural attractions for you below.

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Orfű szállás panzió

Széchenyi Square and the Historical City Centre


The historical city centre of Pécs boasts a rich heritage spanning from the Roman era to the present day. The heart of the city is Széchenyi Square, one of the main squares, which is home to numerous historical buildings such as the Cathedral, the Town Hall, the Mosque, and the former Episcopal Palace.

Adjacent to Széchenyi Square is Király Street, one of the city’s most famous pedestrian streets, lined with shops, cafes, and restaurants. From Széchenyi Square, you can also take a leisurely stroll towards Szent István Square via Ferencesek Street. At the end of Király Street, you’ll find Búza Square, which served as an important market square in past centuries. While exploring the historical city centre, you’ll be enchanted not only by the buildings but the charming small squares and streets. The cityscape is characterized by small, arched gates, colourful facades, and Mediterranean-style café terraces. A walk through the historical city centre of Pécs is truly an enjoyable experience for visitors to the city.



A small stream runs deep in the valley of Orfű, and its karst waters feed the lakes in the valley of the Mecsek Hills. Lake Orfűi and Lake Pécsi offer bathing and fishing opportunities, as well as other natural treasures for visitors. Orfű is an ideal place for recreation in all seasons. Beaches, cycle paths, fishing, tennis courts, mini golf, horse riding, caving, bread baking are just some of the activities available in Orfű, a beautiful Mecsek village.

Orfű szállás panzió
Orfű szállás panzió

Zsolnay Cultural Quarter


Zsolnay Cultural Quarter is located to the east of the city centre in the Budai and Balokány districts, covering an area of five hectares. Zsolnay Quarter is not only a cultural hub of the city but also one of Hungary’s cultural gems, combining the traditions of applied arts and Zsolnay porcelain production with modern cultural and art festivals.  The complex, situated on the former Zsolnay factory site, houses numerous museums, galleries, workshops, theatres, restaurants, and cafes.


Each building in Zsolnay Quarter has a unique and marvellous architectural design that blends the past and the present. The Pécs Gallery and the exhibition halls of the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter host a wide range of exhibitions, art events, and concerts.

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Tettye and the Travertine Cave

Tettye is one of the must-see sights of Pécs, which apart from its historical significance, plays its part in the community’s life. It is special not only because its lookout points and historic castle ruins but also due to its well-equipped playgrounds, restaurants, cafes, and the church located nearby on ‘Havi’ Hill. 


The Tettye Travertine Cave is a unique geological formation that offers a picturesque environment to every visitor. Throughout the centuries, the passages got extended and they finally resulted in a small labyrinth system. These modifications have made the cave a tourist attraction, and it has also been referred to as the ‘Gate of Hell’ thanks to the enormous dragon statue hanging below.

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Pintér Botanical Garden 


Located near the Tettye ruins is the headquarters of the Duna-Dráva National Park Directorate, surrounded by a beautiful botanical garden known as ‘Pintér’ Garden. The garden is home to over 30 protected plant species, such as the butcher’s broom or the black bindweed. Throughout the year, the plants, sculptures, and fountains provide a wonderful experience for visitors.

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Flóra Rest Area


Built in the 19th century, Flóra Rest Area is a perfect location for capturing unique photos. After a short hike, you will reach the rest area, which not only offers a breathtaking view but also provides an amazing seat for those who visit. The lookout is accompanied by a wooden swing, from which you can admire the panorama and enjoy a view of the nearby mining lake.

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Pécsi Állatkert és Akvárium-terrárium


Dél-Magyarország legvarázslatosabb állatkertje. A Mecsek oldalában található, gyönyörű és egyedi környezetben. 

A Pécsi Állatkertben nem csak a vadon élő állatok, hanem az édesvízi halak, kétéltűek és hüllők gazdag gyűjteménye tekinthető meg.

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Lake Malomvölgyi


The lake is located 2 km from Pécs in the middle of the Malomvölgy nature reserve. The area is a popular destination for hikers and is also highly popular among fishermen. There is a network of walking paths around the lakes, stretching approximately six kilometres, with lookout points, benches, fire pits, shelters, football pitches, drinking fountains, and playgrounds along the way.

The attractiveness of Malomvölgyi Lake lies in its easy accessibility from the city, as it is only a short car or bike ride from the city centre. The lake and its surroundings are an ideal place for some who look for relaxation close to nature, and for those seeking active leisure time.

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Lake Tüskésrét is located in the southern part of Pécs and is easily accessible by car or public transportation. A wakeboard track has been set up on the lake, and there is also a running track, beach volleyball court, and an outdoor fitness park around the lake welcoming sports enthusiasts.

The citizens of Pécs frequently visit the lake and its picturesque surroundings for sports activities, whilst enjoying the scenic view of the Mecsek Mountains. You will see owners letting their dogs  do zoomies in the off-leash dog park.

Tüskésrét with its playground and bike park is ideal for families, too, since it offers recreation and amusement for both children and parents.

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Lake Dombay


Lake Dombay is a small, artificial lake suitable for swimming located on the slope of Zengő Mountain, in a small valley. The lake serves as a tiny tourist centre, surrounded by holiday homes. To the north, there is a former watermill where summer camps for children are often held. The lake is easily accessible by public transportation.

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